A potted history of my interest in


Amateur Radio




 I developed an interest In Amateur Radio whilst at Radio College in the late 50's, listening to local amateurs on "Top Band" on an old Bush domestic receiver which I had been given. I became licenced in 1965 and started activities with a Heathkit DX100U and an AR88D receiver which looked as if it had been salvaged from a sunken submarine. My main interest in the past three decades or so has been chasing DX on the Low Frequency Bands (160 and 80 metres) - an interest heavily influenced by John - G3XRJ- to whom I am extremely grateful. I had a cerrtain amount of success operating /mobile from the boat but unfortunately I am now restricted to serious DX-ing from a very poor location in Crewkerne (Somerset).   The boat provided  an excellent challenge as we could  moor "out in the sticks" and my Screwdriver antenna (manufactured by  KJ7Uto whom I am indebted) worked exceedingly well and I could  usually fight my way through the pile-ups. The rest of my equipment is:- Transceiver K3 Linear Amplifier TL-922 and I receive on a Wellbrook Magnetic Loop Antenna. I mainly chase CW DX with the occasional dabble on digi-modes. I enter the occasional contest, not seriously, but the main interest is in chasing DX with a fondness for Pacific Islands. Mainly Mobile I have worked 252 countries since starting Mobile operations in 2006.

My other main interest is Model Railways (I am currently building an "0" Gauge garden railway) .    

**Click the box above to hear a recording of phenomenal conditions between myself in the UK and Doug in Tasmania (VK7AZ) on 80 metres on the long path 7th Oct 1994 0730z....