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Born in Davyhulme, Manchester in 1942 I attended Stretford Grammar School and then Brooks Bar Marine Radio College where I obtained (some say with a certain amount of good fortune) the necessary qualifications to fulfil my ambition to become a Radio Offficer in the Merchant Navy.

After an interesting few years at sea (see "Ships I sailed on") I came ashore and served in the formerly Post Office and latterly BT, Ship-shore Coast Radio Stations, starting at Humberradio (Mablethorpe, Lincs) and ending up at Landsendradio (Landsend, would you believe) eventually retiring in 1992.

I was born, and remain to this day, an avid and loyal supporter of Manchester City Football Club. I was a season ticket holder for many years, following City home and away from deepest Somerset - even when we were languishing in division two. Unfortunately I have developed Parkinson's Disease and now find the travelling extremely discomforting. To  compound the problem my wife Val has also been diagnosed with the same disease. It has also made sending CW (Morse) a challenge! and had a detrimental effect on most of Val's activities. We eagerly await the miracle cure which has been talked about but has yet to be produced.Because of Parkinson's we have had to sell our narrowboat "Blue Moon" (see below).


    "Blue Moon" moored for the night at                          Llangollen.